Empyro project

In January 2014 Empyro BV has started construction of its pyrolysis oil production facility in Hengelo, the Netherlands. Start-up of the installation has commenced early 2015 and production is gradually being increased. Empyro BV is jointly owned by BTG BioLiquids, Tree Power, the province of Overijssel and a private investor. BTG BioLiquids considers success of the Empyro project as the first leap towards full-scale fast pyrolysis technology commercialization. In the Empyro project the fast pyrolysis technology has been further enhanced and the installation and supply chain will be a reference case for potential customers. The supply of biomass has been organized locally with a specialized partner. Part of the demo character of the plant is that in a later stage various types of feedstock will be tested. The complete design has been finalized in cooperation with the well-known industrial companies Stork-Thermeq, AkzoNobel, Zeton and HoSt. Empyro has been constructed on the premises of AkzoNobel.


Boortorenweg 7
7554 RS Hengelo
(053) 486 22 87
(053) 486 11 80