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KMP Drivetrain Solutions

Over 15 years' experience in drivetrain engineering

KMP is a Drivetrain specialist with a main focus on motorsport (race and rally cars). In a world requiring top performance and ultimate quality, KMP develops and manufactures drivetrain related components such as gears, differentials and driveshafts. To complete the activities circle of a full Drivetrain partner, KMP has also its own service department.


To be a full-service Drivetrain partner, we need to be able to control all aspects of the circle. We are a customer focused company that aims to create excellent products for passionate people!


  • Customer focused design and process
  • Agile manufacturing
  • Short lead times
  • High level of detail
  • Go the extra mile
  • Rapid concept to prototype to production
  • Great customer service

  KMP Drivetrain circle


KMP was founded in 2007 by Pascal Kamperman. His technical background and tremendous passion for transmissions and manufacturing led KMP to become what it is nowadays; an automotive drivetrain partner for high-end vehicles. Today the team consists of 11 highly passionate people each with different kinds of expertise.

Opaalstraat 34
7554TS Hengelo
Pascal Kamperman